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Who we are

André de Groot started De Groot Engineering in 2001. After his study and some jobs, he started in 1985 at Digital Equipment Center in Nijmegen (which was taken over by Compaq in a later stage). There he developed repair strategies for e.g. pcb's and lcd-screens. In 2000 Compaq decided to close their repair facilities in Nijmegen and André started his own business.

Over the years André the Groot has combined a group of external specialists into a dedicated team which will tackle all kind of challenges in the best and fastest way possible.

Sadly enough André died on July 22, 2020. He will be missed enormously. Our main client expressed Andrés skills as follows: " He leaves extra-ordinary designs and accomplishments behind him, as a reminder to us of how much of a talented genius he was, with a great imagination that he applied to solving some of our most difficult challenges in the most simple ways."

Gonny de Groot-Vijn and the team will continue the good work that André had started. With his legacy and all the team's know-how De Groot Engineering is still able to offer you a complete range of technical solutions for your problem(s) and for many years to come.
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